"The most amazing, life-altering, eye-opening, practice-evolving, friendliest
and generous of gifts"
- Margaret Stewart, Photographer

Every symphony you hear, every play you see, every dance you experience every painting and sculpture you see, and every book you read, begins its life with a person in a room with an idea and a passion. The Hermitage provides the room for accomplished creators in a spectacular, inspiring environment. Our artists bring their brilliant ideas. Together, with nature, we feed the passion, and we share it all with our community. This is the work of the Hermitage.


The weekend of April 20-23 is going to be jam-packed this year with concerts, talks, and panel discussions touching both photography and music. Each spring we premiere the commission we made two years before (each Greenfield Prize winner has two years to realize their commission), and we award a new commission to be completed two years in the future. And to fill-out the weekend, we invite other artists, scholars and very smart people to enlighten us in free, yes, free talks and panel discussions.

Composer/drummer Bobby Previte won the prize in 2015 so his new piece; RHAPSODY (Terminals Part II: In Transit) will see its world premiere on Friday, April 21. Produced in partnership with New Music New College, Previte has composed a sextet for Nels Cline on acoustic guitar; John Medeski, piano; Greg Osby, alto sax; Zeena Parkins, harp; and Jen Shyu, voice and erhu. A second, matinee performance is scheduled for Saturday the 22nd.

On Saturday night, April 22, we will award celebrated photographer David Burnett the 2017 prize and feature Dr. Tony Bannon, former director of the George Eastman Museum as the keynote speaker. Burnett and other photography experts will speak on Sunday afternoon, April 23rd in free lectures in partnership with the Sarasota Museum of Art, to close the busy weekend.

For more details on the artists and all the weekend activities, as well as to purchase tickets, visit our Greenfield Prize website by clicking HERE.


We are proud to share our talented people with those in the region through our community programs. Check our calendar and blog for up-to-date information on Hermitage news and events. Interested in volunteering? Our Friends of the Hermitage organization offers many excellent opportunities.