Thank You for Meeting “The Challenge”

YOU DID IT! An amazing group of 88 people donated to the Hermitage during the recent 24-hour Giving Partner Challenge! This is up from 66 donors last year. Once all the “dust has settled” at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, the Hermitage will be receiving more than $20,000 – thanks in part to matching dollars provided by The Patterson Foundation.

HUGE THANKS to our 2016 Giving Challenge Donors! Steve and Dale Adler (in honor and memory of Syd Adler), Sam Alfstad, Peggy Allen, Caroline Andrus, Darrell Ayers, Alana Badinger, Craig Badinger, Judy and Pat Ball, Susan Barrett, Debbi Benedict, the Willa and Robert Bernard Fund, Carol White Bold and Larry Bold, Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Judy Bremer, William Buttaggi, Patricia Caswell, Jim Chandler, Mary Clement, Deborah Cohen, James and Kim Cornetet and the Bjork Sanders Donor Advised Fund, Carol Crosby, Ilene Denton, Annette and Tom Dignam, Joan and Jim Dusenbury, Sandy and Paul Eppling (in memory of Rose Ebeltoft), H. Wayne Ferguson, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Melissa Granberry-Pranke, Linda and David Green, Linda Gross, Sandra Hammonds, Marilyn Harwell, Mildred Headdy, Christine and Richard Hess, Pencie Huneke, Charlotte Isaacs, David Katz, Carole Kleinberg (in memory of Ted J. Shears), Gerlinde Kohl, Thomas Koski, Lucy Laides, Dorothy Lawson (in honor of Ina Schnell), Diane Ledder, Arthur and Marcella Levin, Sharyn Lonsdale (in honor of Linda Mansperger), Ruth and Andy Maass, Kerry Mack, Linda and Mike Mansperger, the Martin Family Fund, Rita Mazer, Hannah and Gregory McDaniel, Susan McLeod, Charmaine McVicker, Carolyn Michel (in honor of Bruce Rodgers), Vance Mixell, Michelle Morris, Don Morrison, Sara and Larry Myers, Anne Patterson, Margaret Pennington, Charlotte and Charles Perret and Family Fund, Michele Redwine, Bruce Rodgers, James Rogers, Joy Rogers, Nancy Roucher, Lisa Rubinstein (in honor of Bruce Rodgers), Don and Linda Schilke, Stephanie Simmons, Harvey Small (in memory of Jeanie Small), Audrey Snyder (in memory of Robert B. Snyder), Laura Soule, Shannon Staub, Zoe Strecker (in honor of Patricia Caswell), Cynthia Stuhley, Elizabeth Van Riper, Sheila Weiss, Barbara Williams (in memory of Jean and Denzyl Williams), and Karen Williams.