About Us

World-class artistic creators of all disciplines are invited to work at the Hermitage Artist Retreat with a “bank” of six weeks of time and two years to “spend” that time in any increment they choose. Our artists live and work in — and are inspired by — five “Old Florida” buildings that have been lovingly restored into living space and studio space. Fifteen miles of Gulf of Mexico beach stretch north and south and endless miles of aquamarine water reach to the western horizon where the sun sets in glory each and every night.
Our Mission
TO NURTURE CREATIVITY, PRESERVE A FLORIDA HISTORIC SITE, PROTECT NATIVE ECOLOGY, AND SERVE OUR GULF COAST COMMUNITIES. Creativity The Hermitage Artist Retreat nurtures creativity in mid-career writers, painters, poets, playwrights, composers, translators, sculptors, and artists working in digital media. With a gift of time and inspiring space, as well as an accommodating and supportive staff and community, creative people are invited here to work. Supporting gifted people in their work is our work. History A pre-historic Calusa Indian midden lies in the center of the Hermitage campus while one of the region’s earliest buildings, the Hermitage House (1907), serves as both living quarters and common areas for Hermitage Fellows. Other buildings on the campus date back to the 1940s. It’s this rustic, “Old Florida” ambiance and our meticulous restoration of it which provides the foundation for the inspiring atmosphere of the Hermitage. Ecology The Hermitage encompasses some of Florida’s finest environmental treasures, including a beach stretching for miles in both directions and one of the finest examples of sea turtle nesting habitat. While our beautifully restored buildings are incredible, nothing beats sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico for a spiritual experience — a communion with nature that leaves you forever changed. Community Community is important to us, which is why it plays such a key role in our mission. First we attend to the internal community — how our artists interact with the other Hermitage artists and staff. While we create in solitude, we live together in community and celebrate the opportunity to connect with our fellow artists. Next we attend to our external community. All Hermitage artists are asked to perform two services for the external community, which may include lectures, exhibitions, concerts, readings, school and senior center visits, or any other kind of public interaction that lets them share their work and themselves with our Southwest Florida community.