New Website Goes Live

Posted by brodgers on 24th July 2010

The Hermitage Artist Retreat has debuted its brand new website design. Funded with a generous grant from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, the new site, including this blog, is chock-full of new information, pictures, and conveniences for artists, donors, fans, and supporters alike. Created by eDesign Trio, a New York City web development company consisting of Erica Rubinstein, Designer; Duc Trinh, Web Developer; and Tom Foley, Flash Developer (See photo above). Among other capabilities, the new site allows us to sell tickets to our events such as The Artful Lobster, and the Greenfield Prize Award Dinner; we can easily include Hermitage-related images and video, and we have a searchable database of our artists, their pictures, and links to their websites. 

In addition, we have new templates for our newsletter and other electronic communications as well as a new, separate website for the Greenfield Prize.  And all these electronic communication assets align with the Hermitage branding strategy.

But perhaps more than anything else, we are excited by the professional look, design, animation, and engagement opportunities the site offers. It’s beautiful to look at and it’s easy to get around. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers, and supporters, we thank the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice for the funds making it possible, and eDesign Trio for realizing this beautiful design for us.

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