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Posted by brodgers on 11th December 2011

Artful Lobster 2011 A Great Success!

It was a picture perfect day for the annual Artful Lobster (AL) event at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Thanks to the efforts of three-time Chair and Hermitage Trustee Debbi Benedict and her talented committee, the AL had its largest attendance to date. READ MORE

Posted by brodgers on 10th October 2011

Special Artful Lobster Treat!

There’s something new happening at this year’s Artful Lobster fundraiser on the Hermitage campus. We have invited one of our early artists, renowned cellist Michael Fitzpatrick to return to the Hermitage and perform a brief, pre-lunch concert for this year’s event and Michael has generously agreed. This is a great gift to the Hermitage and to our supporters who attend the event. READ MORE

Posted by brodgers on 23rd November 2010

Thank You from a Grateful Artful Lobster

While we’re not through balancing the books on the Artful Lobster, it’s clear that many thousands of dollars were raised that will allow us to continue supporting world-class, mid-career writers, painters, poets, playwrights, and other primary creators. READ MORE

Posted by brodgers on 15th October 2010

The Artful Lobster Returns

It’s that time of year again, the time when the Lobsters begin their long trek from the cold waters of Maine, to the warm waters and gentle breezes of the Gulf of Mexico – no easy trip for a creature with 8 legs and two claws. But the Artful Lobster is no average crustacean and we appear right on schedule for our November 20th date. READ MORE