"If only boldness, innovation, deep questioning of the status quo, and passionate, hard-working commitment to the future will get us where we need to go, who better to solve these problems than artists, who are bold, innovative, questioning, passionate and hard-working, every day of their lives? Who is better suited to changing the world than us?"

David Lang, Composer | Winner, Pulitzer Prize 2008 | Keynote, Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat Award Ceremony, 2009


"How do you select your artists?" is one of the most common questions we hear. The process we use is relatively unique in the field of artist communities. Get the details inside.


The Hermitage residents are comprised of writers, painters, composers, playwrights, poets, choreographers, performance artists, sculptors, and other artists whose work defies categorization. They have distinguished themselves by virtue of having been selected by some of America's finest directors, curators, and artists who sit on our National Artist Advisory Committee. Browse our residents by discipline or date to learn more about the talent that has graced the Hermitage.